Beer Styles

Farmers draught

Beautifully clear golden color giving it it’s lager look.This is a German style lager with an aromatic smell.Perfectly crafted premium lager with a dry refreshing aftertaste. Refreshing taste makes this beer perfect for a warm sunny South African day.

Alc per volume 4.5%

Blonde ale

Golden color with a pleasant aroma.Using only the finest hops from the Northern American region to provide a fruity and refreshing taste with a slight residual sweetness.

Alc per volume 4.5%

real pale ale

If you like malt, this is the one!Perfectly balanced between caramelized malts and mildly hopped to leave behind a subtle but yet lasting malty taste.


Alc per volume 4.5%

irish red ale

You can expect a mildly bitter roasted toffee taste.Perfectly brewed to produce a full bodied beer with a slight hoppy aroma, finished off with a thick creamy head.

Alc per volume 4.5%

millstone weisse

This beer is made from roasted wheat, making it white in color. Refreshingly dry and spicy beer with a crisp body. Expect a perfectly crafted banana toffee aftertaste.

Alc per volume 4%

reaper stout

Dark in color with a thick foamy head. You can expect a coffee taste rounded off with a  sweetish chocolate aftertaste. A selection of the finest specialty malts is used to create this full body beer. This stout is addictive ! ! !

Alc per volume 5%

lemon delilah

when life gives you lemons, find someone with vodka and have a party! This is a lemon spirit cooler. Perfectly infused with lemon and vodka.

Alc per volume 5%

berry faze

Hakuna-ma vodka, it means no worries for the rest of your night. Berry infused vodka spirit cooler

Alc per volume 5%

Sunset Gin

Perfectly blended craft gin and tonic with a splash of strawberries, creating a refreshing blend. This is a must have. Kick back and unwind with our Sunset Gin.

Alc per volume 5%